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A Gallery of Celtic Carvings and other Celtic Art


Left: Celtic Cross, 13"

Above: Celtic Cross for St Johns Church,

Cambridge, Ohio. Mahogany, 42 inches


By Patrick Gallagher:

To visit Pat's Celtic Art, Ltd. web site click HERE





Box in basswood and mahogany, Karen Henderson


Celtic Crosses, mesquite, 5" - Sean Carney

Celtic Cross, walnut, 15" - Sean Carney

To visit Sean's web site, This Old Stump, click HERE


Aeolian Harp (Window Harp) in Cherry, by "Harp" Horrigan

Detail of Sound Hole - To visit Harps by East-Wood Products click HERE


Box Top, Marilyn Osterhouse


Aeolian Harp, Zebra Wood with a Spruce soundboard - "Harp" Horrigan

Detail of Sound Hole, scroll sawn with pyrography decoration


Spruce soundboard for a Celtic Harp, "Harp" Horrigan

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