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The Lady Carvers

The Gallery this issue continues our celebration of women carvers by featuring the fine work of some of the readers of WOM.


Monika Audacitie

This fisherman is carved out of basswood. My daughter moved out to Rhode Island 1 1/2 years ago; on a trip out there to visit her I was inspired to do a New England fisherman. Hope you enjoy. I live in Wisconsin and have been carving steadily for 3 years now.

Sherri Dougan

I've whittled all my life but never turned out anything good till this one :) I live in Monroe, Oregon. This piece is carved out of black walnut, cherry and Podunk


Bev Hashagen

This is a clock I carved for my son Matt from a piece of maple burl I acquired from "The Wiz", Richard Rombold. It measures approx 24"w x 18"h. It was a very difficult piece for me to carve, but my son enjoyed the end result. The largest face on the left, at the top of the piece, very much resembles my son, tho I did put a "Dennis Quaid" dimple in the cheek!

I have been carving for about 15-18 years, have not been fortunate enough to be able to take a class, but I have a lot of books from which I glean much information. Tho I do use patterns at times, I much prefer to just "go with the flow", start carving and see what happens.


Lanette Hildebrandt

I am 54 years old and have been carving or whittling steadily for about 20 years. My grand-dad taught me to whittle when I lived on the farm with him - I was around age 5 or 6. I whittled and carved off and on for many years but got back to it full time in about 1979. My husband and grand baby (15 mo) and I live in the woods of Spring Texas just outside of Houston. We have six acres of our own but also get to use several hundred acres of undeveloped county park land.

I either hike or ride my horse to go looking for sticks and try to mostly use "down" wood but sometimes will take a sapling. I use various whittling knives, motorized units and anything I can find in the garage and shop. I like to experiment with new techniques and hope to learn a lot more from the group as time goes on.


Sue Holsinger

I've only been carving about a year and a half. I have a great instructor here in Denver. So far I'm carving dogs, specifically Australian terriers. here's my favorite, titled "J.J. With Stick".


Cathy Krumrei

I live in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Married with 2 sons, and 8 grand kids-with another on the way. I have been wood carving since 1996.

I had taken 2 classes and have been carving on my own. I have been carving antlers this past year-and find I really enjoy creating in antlers. Carving to me is a way I relax from the everyday hectic.



Dorothy Lewis

I tried carving in 7th grade & again in 12 grade, with fair results. I didn't carve again until 1975 when I did a stylized bird in flight. I joined NWCA that year and have carved off and on every since, sometimes with lengthy breaks. The first formal class I had was at the MAWCA Doane workshop in 1986. I have attended Doane all but one year since. I have been teaching there for the past 8 years. My favorite subjects are animals. I am planning a series of carvings of Rat Terriers, which I own and rescue.

Patricia Lloyd

I originally started carving in the 1970's and left it for many years, till 1999. Then the bug caught me and I have carved folding screens, triptychs, diptychs, and smaller carvings. I usually start with shelving board and cut out my pattern and carve it. Then I hinge together 3 to five boards. They are usually 4 or 5 feet in height. Dowelltown, TN - http://www.picturetrails.com/patlloyd8


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