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By Loren K. Woodard
Email Loren at lorenwoodard@charter.net or visit his web site at http://www.woodcarvers-gallery.com/

Welcome once again to Notes From The Net, a compilation of tips and techniques that were shared on the several wood carving Listserves on the Internet. As is normally the case, chattering chippers have been more than willing to share their knowledge on the Internet once again..


From the Editor-

When Loren Woodard took over Notes From The Net from Pierce Pratt in the Jan/Feb 1999 issue, I'm not sure he planned on carrying that task for five full years, yet that is just what has happened.

When Loren wrote me recently and asked if I could find someone else to take up the burden so he could devote more time to business and carving, I said that I would make every effort to do so.

As it turned out, I couldn't find one person to replace Loren; I eventually came to the realization it would FOUR people to replace him, and that is with one of the Loren replacements being Loren!

A word of explanation - in my search for a replacement for Loren I first approached New York carver and frequent WOM contributor Mike Bloomquist; Mike quickly agreed to take over as NFTN senior writer, but pointed out that he belonged only to the Woodcarver List.

So off I went in search of someone to help Mike. It didn't take long for Michigan carver Doug Evans to agree to become the correspondent for the Woodcarver Porch and the Knotholes group.

Well, that solved part of the problem, but still left me looking for someone to cover Fishcarver2 and Stickcarvers. So back to Loren Woodard I went. Loren agreed to stay involved in NFTN as the correspondent for Fishcarvers2, and your humble editor will cover the Stickcarvers group.

The new team's first effort will be seen in the January/February issue of WOM. It will require a fair bit of work to keep up the high standard that Loren has established, but I think this crew is up to the task.

A big thanks to Loren for his five years of devotion to NFTN, and for agreeing to stay involved. Likewise, a big welcome to Mike and Doug. If you have never met these fine gentleman, just check out the photo below.

Regards, Matt Kelley


Sporting their new WOM logo shirts, Doug Evans (left) and Mike Bloomquist (right) flank "Ol' Don" Burgdorf at the recent Dayton "Artistry In Wood" show.


Please take some time and check out the wood carving lists on the Internet. There is a lot of knowledge free for the asking on all of the list serves.

For information regarding the various email lists for woodcarvers, visit The Carvers' Companion Resource Files, or click the links below.

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