Donations in Support of The Woodcarver List


Thanks to all those who have made a donation to support the WoodCarver List; your support is truely appreciated.

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Date Name Comments
1/4/10 John C. Anderson "Thank you Matt. I donate with great gratitude for all you do for us through the List and W3E."
1/24/10 Ron Ramsey
2/1/10 Jan "Woodbutcher" Oegema  
2/1/10 Alex Bisso "Hi Matt. Thanks again for the great service you provide."
2/1/10 Marty Leenhouts  
11/5/10 Jan "Jantu" Vail Hi Matt, thanks for all you do! Hugs, Jantu
11/12/10 Susan Alexander
11/20/10 Hugh Thomson, MD "Keep up the great effort - all woodcarvers appreciate the hard work to keep it going."





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