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CCA 2003 National Caricature Carving Competition


The Caricature Carvers of America's 2003 National Caricature Carving Competition and Exhibit was held at Dollywood, located in beautiful Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Closed judging took place on Sept. 24, 2003, with the exhibit opening to the public on Friday September 26, 2003. Winners were recognized at a presentation ceremony led by CCA President Bob Travis on Saturday September 27.

The 2003 contest included 194 entries, up from 150 in the 2002 competition.. The top five carvings in each of ten categories received specially designed ribbons, as did the winners of the People's Choice Award, the CCA Merit Award, Best-of-Show, 2nd Best-of-Show, and 3rd Best-of-Show. Best-of-Show winner Gary Falin was awarded a custom trophy made by CCA members.

The members of CCA extend sincere thanks to the fantastic sponsors for their generous support. Supporters for the second year's competition included:

Heinecke Wood Products (Dale & Marge Heinecke); The Woodcraft Shop (Larry & Carol Yudis); National Museum of Woodcarving; Dollywood; Rossiter's Ruff-Outs; The American Woodcarving School; Central Massachusetts Caricature Carvers; Capital Woodcarvers (Sacramento, CA); Chip Chats Magazine; Enlow Woodcarving; Woodcarving Illustrated; Carving Magazine; Woodcarver Online Magazine; Phil & Vicki Bishop: Randy & Carol Landen; Harley & Midge Schmitgen; Will & Kay Hayden; Cleve & Sandy Taylor; Tom & Suzi Brown, Dennis & Susan Thornton; Joe and Chris You; Eldon & Carol Humphreys; Gerald and Barb Sears; David Stetson & Michelle Carville; Vic & Laura Otto.

2003 Competition Winners

Best of Show Best of Show - Gary Falin Sinking Feeling
Second Best of Show - James Fecteau Pasquale the Painter
Third Best of Show - Ronnie Reed Anna Canatuna
People's Choice - Bob Maiers Saturday Night Fever
CCA Merit Award - Gary Falin Sinking Feeling

Single Human Under 15" 1st - Gary Falin, 2nd - Phillip LaGreco, 3rd - Gary Falin, 4th - Ronnie Reed, 5th - Wayne Shinlever

Single Human Over 15" 1st - Ronnie Reed, 2nd - Jim Dupont, 3rd - Jim Dupont, 4th - Phillip LaGreco, 5th - Floyd Rhadigan

Single Animal 1st - Bill Butterfield, 2nd - W. Allen Goodman, 3rd - William W. Rought Jr., 4th - Renee' Manning, 5th - Mitchell Cartledge

Group Carvings 1st - Bob Maiers, 2nd - Gary Falin, 3rd - Rusty Johnson, 4th - Floyd Rhadigan, 5th - Gary Falin

Relief 1st - James Fecteau, 2nd - Bruce Futterer, 3rd - James Creveling, 4th - Werner Bock

Bust, Heads & Masks 1st - Gary Falin, 2nd - Wayne Shinlever, 3rd - Ronnie Reed , 4th - Ronnie Reed, 5th - Renee' Manning

Miniature 1st - Gary Falin, 2nd - Anna Regal, 3rd - Paul Bouchard, 4th - W. Allen Goodman, 5th - Renee' Manning

Miscellaneous 1st - Bruce Futterer, 2nd - Renee' Manning, 3rd - W. Allen Goodman
4th - Wayne Shinlever, 5th Tony Harris

Youth 1st - Nathaniel Johnson, 2nd - Amber Warf

Rough Out 1st - Renee' Manning, 2nd - Joe Schumacher, 3rd - Phillip LaGreco, 4th - Jim O'Harra, 5th - Mitchell Cartledge


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