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Welcome to the Woodcarver Resource Files. These pages contain a wealth of carving-related information from the pages of Woodcarver Online Magazine and from web sites maintained by the world wide community of amateur and professional carvers, woodcarving organizations and vendors. Information from these sources, as well as the many contributors to WOM is gratefully acknowledged.

The Resource Files are a continuing work-in-progress; accordingly, suggestions for additional material are always welcome. Please send suggestions and broken link reports to: womeditorATcomcastDOTnet(Replace AT and DOT with appropriate symbols.)

As always, your comments and questions are welcome. Matt Kelley, Editor

 Vendor File

  • Supply houses
  • Tool manufacturers and distributors
  • Wood and roughout suppliers
  • Pattern portfolios
  • Publishers and book sellers, etc.

 Electronic Email Lists File

  • Woodcarver List
  • Woodcarver Porch
  • American Stickmakers Association
  • Knotholes List

 Magazine and Publication File

  • Chip Chats
  • Woodcarving Illustrated
  • Carving Magazine
  • Others

 Organizations File

  • National Wood Carvers Association
  • Caricature Carvers of America
  • Clubs and Guilds Links
  • WoodcarverWeb Links
  • Regional organizations

 New Carver File

  • So you want to be a carver . . .
  • Your First Tools . . .
  • Three Important Things to Learn - Sharpening, Sharpening, Sharpening
  • Painting and Finishes
  • Projects for the New Carver (And Not So New Carver)
  • Carving Woods and Such
  • In the Shop . . . Safety; Tool Reviews; Tips and Hints
  • Advance Topics

 Interest Areas Files

  • Animal Carving
  • Architectural
  • Celtic High Crosses
  • Chip Carving
  • Caricatures
  • Carousels
  • Fish Carving
  • Gargoyles & Grotesques
  • Relief Carving
  • Realistic Carving
  • Sign and Lettering
  • Sticks, Canes, including Diamond Willow
  • Wildfowl Carving
  • Woodspirits, Bark carving

 Art for Carvers File

  • Learning to draw
  • Human body proportion
  • Color and painting
  • Celtic Art and Knotwork


Instruction File

  • Carving instructors, in-studio and on-site
  • Videos and CD's
  • Annual instructional events, free and for-fee

 Top Events File

  • Premier annual carving competitions and shows

Questions, queries, posers? Send email to womeditorATcomcastDOTnet(Replace AT and DOT with appropriate symbols.)

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