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The Links Page

Herein is a collection of good and useful links to Online Discussion Groups, resource pages and other good stuff.

CelticCarver WoodWorks is Matt Kelley's woodcarving homepage - click the logo to go visit!

The Woodc@rver mailing list is an on-line community of over 500 carvers. A great place to ask questions, get tips, and talk about woodcarving. Click the m@iling list icon to visit the homepage and join.

The Wood Carvers' Porch is another on-line community of carvers. Like the Woodc@rver List, there's a lot of woodcarving knowledge here, but folks on the Porch tend to chat just a bit more than folks on the List. Both lists are worth subscribing to. Click the Porch icon for more information.

The American Stickmaker Association is dedicated to promoting the ancient craft of carving walking sticks, canes and staffs. The ASA homepage has more information, a gallery, and a link to subscribe to the ASA List. Click the ASA icon for more information.


The Knotholes woodcarver list is another on-line carvers group similar to the Porch. Click the icon for more information.


Click the logo to visit the home of the Caricature Carvers of America. Well worth the visit for anyone interested in caricature carving.


Visit the Chip Chats Web Site home of the National Wood Carvers Association and CHIP CHATS magazine.

Gary Ilmanen's WoodCarvers Web site contains two valuable sets of links:

Click the WoodCarvers Web icon to visit.

Mike Parkers page of Links to Woodcarving/Woodworking Guilds and Clubs in the US, Canada and England. Click the icon to visit.

Tired of hoax "virus" warnings? Want to check a "helpful warning" before you pass it on? For virus info you can trust, visit the University of Michigan Virus Busters home page- just click on the bug.

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