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The Carver Art Files

Learning to draw

Human body proportion

Color and painting

The Drawing of Leonardo da Vinci

Art School Online - Measurments and Perspective

Art School Online - Drawing and Painting Living Portraits

Drawing A Human Body - Hints and Tips (Not responding 1/5/08)

Life Drawing - Gesture -- The Foundation of Figurative Art

The Figure Drawing Lab - Primer - Materials, Contour Drawing, Gesture Drawing

The Figure Drawing Lab - Proportion - Measuring the Model; Overall body proportions, Facial proportions, The Skeletal Structure, Musculature of the Figure

The Figure Drawing Lab - Shading and Texture - Chiaroscuro, Applied Chiaroscuro, Texture

The Figure Drawing Lab - Construction - Using Geometric Shapes, Drawing The Male, Drawing The Female, Foreshortening

Celtic Art Links - Woodcarving and metal art, Knotwork design, Illuminated Manuscripts, art and artists, Celtic Cross information,

More to come . . . .

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