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Spoofed Spam Email


If you have received email that appears to come from someone with an address of anynameATcarverscompanionDOTcom, you have received SPOOFED email. You can be assured that any such message is spoofed email because NO legitimate email messages are ever sent from an email address ending in carverscompanionDOTcom.

Spammers who send spoofed email forge the "From" address so that the messages appears to come from a trusted source, or from a source other than the true sender.

Unfortunately there is little that can be done to stop spoofed email - please delete any such messages you receive without even opening them.

For more information about spoofed email visit the CERT - Coordination Centere HERE

Questions, queries, posers? Send email to spoofmailATcarverscompanionDOTcom (Replace AT and DOT with appropriate symbols.)



  Last Update 8/05