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Now in its fifthteenth year of publication, Woodcarver Online Magazine (WOM) is the first on-line "e-zine" for woodcarvers, by woodcarvers. Published six times a year, WOM is filled with reports of major carving events, how-to articles, patterns, book and video reviews, photo galleries, and regular features such as Notes From The 'Net and Pyrograffiti. WOM is always free to all, thanks to the support of a fine group of publishers, carving supply, service and tool vendors.

The November/December issue of WOM is now available ! Click the WOM logo to visit the gateway page.






 The World Wide Woodcarver Exchanges (W3E) are an ongoing series of carving exchanges. There is no fee charged, but you must be a member of one of several woodcarving mail groups. (See the Resource Files below). Click the logo to visit the W3E page.




The WoodCarver List, established in 1996, is the oldest carving-related discussion list on the 'web. Something over 800 carvers subscribe to the List, where a variety of woodcarving topics are discussed by carvers ranging from season pros to newbies with their first tool. Have a woodcarving question? The List is the place to ask. Click the logo for more information or to subscribe.

NEW - The Woodcarver List has a Facebook group as an adjunct to the List. The Facebook group now gives us a place to post photos of recent projects, etc. To visit the group, click HERE or search for Woodcarver List on Facebook.




The newest addition to the Carvers' Companion, the Virtual Carving Studio project will tap the carving collective to design and virtually equip a studio or shop, complete with functional space plans and suggested lists of tools and equipment.   This will provide a freely available resource for any carver to utilize in the future. Click the logo for more information or to participate.

 A wide variety of good and useful information for woodcarvers, by woodcarvers. Click the WRF logo for more information on:

  • The Vendor File
  • Electronic Email Lists File
  • Magazine and Publication File
  • Organizations File
  • New Carver File
  • Art for Carvers File
  • Interest Area Files
  • Good and Useful Stuff File



 The Carvers' Companion Shop at CafePress carries a wide variety of woodcarving-themed shirts, sweats, mugs, aprons, bags and lots of other gifts and goodies. Get yourself a great shirt and help support WOM, The List, W3E and the Resource Files at the same time. Check back often - new designs are added on a regular basis. Click the WS&G logo to view the great designs now available.


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Homepage of the Tri-City Carvers, (Saginaw/Bay City/Midland, MI area.) Click the logo for more information.

CelticCarver WoodWorks is Matt Kelley's woodcarving homepage - click the logo to go visit!

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Home - E-zine - List - W3Exchange - Shirts & Gifts - Resource Files - Virtual Carving Studio - TriCity Carvers

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