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The Celtic Art Resource File

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Celtic Shops
Ancient Circles - Celtic Jewelry, Textiles, and Ancient Symbols
Celtic Crossing - Purveyors of Gaelic Gifts
Celtic Cultures purveyors of items Celtic and historic
Celtic Jewelers Mac Manus & Sons
CelticLady Celtic jewelry, art , fonts, horses, symbols
Electric Celt - jewelry, gifts art etc
Gryphon's Moon - Celtic Jewelry, Claddaughs & More
Killyliss Studio - Celtic gifts, handmade Book of Kells ,Claddagh, Celtic knot and Triple Spiral designs
Lytha Studios - Celtic and Spiritual Jewelry, Clothing, and Accessories
The Mystic Caravan - Jewelry,Gifts, T-shirts
Trinity College Library Gift Shop
Kennys Bookshop and Art Galleries, Galway, Ireland
Irish Internet Bookstore
Wood and Metal Art
Flax Metal Arts Studio Jewellery & Belt Buckles
Celtic Knot Forge - Artist and Blacksmith, Craftsman in Iron and Steel
Walker Metalsmith - Celt Arts
CELTIC ROOTS studio Irish Sculpture from ancient bog oak
Wild Goose Studio - Celtic Plaques Hand-Made in Ireland
Metal Art by MC Foley - Specializing in Celtic Design
Celtic Knotwork Design
Cari Buziak's Knotwork Consturction tutorials
Celtic Knots - Marc Wallace construction methods, examples, booklist
Celtic Knot Font for Mac & PC at Clanbadge.com
How to draw Celtic knots - Christian Mercat
Celtic Knotwork, The Ultimate Tutorial - Christian Mercat
Ian Bain's knotwork method drawing at House Ravenscroft
Celtic High Cross Information
The Celtic Cross info at WCA
Artistic Elements of the Celtic Cross at WCA
Mary Ann Sullivan Historic Art Sites - high crosses and other historic sites
Celtic Art on the Web
Cari Buziaks' Aon Celtic Art
Celtic Art by Deirdre McCullough Grunwald
Celtic Art by Courtney Davis
Celtic Clip Art @ Ceolas
Celtic clipart and fonts links
Coracle Celtic Art Home Page
House Ravenscroft Celtic Design
Patrick Gallagher's Celtic Art Limited
Michael Carroll Celtic Design and the American Celtic Exhibition Tour
Sandi's Celtic Graphics includes some Courtney Davis work
Scriptorium Home Page Original celtic fonts, other decorations
History and Culture
World of Celtic Art excellent history
Tara Broach at WCA
Battersea Shield at WCA
Kells info at WCA
Map of Celtic World at WCA
Map of Celtic Culture Today at WCA
Stone Carvings and Newgrange at WCA
History of the Celts at WCA
Celtic Ray Features history, articles, gift shop, etc
Celtic Studies Resources
Conrad Bladey's Irish Studies Pages
Celtic Connections Magazine
Illuminated Manuscripts
The Book of Kells CD Homepage @ TCD
Manuscripts, Books, and Maps, including folios from the Book of Kells and Book of Durrow
Lindisfarne Gospels at the British Library
Fun Stuff
The Thistle & Shamrock Fiona Ritchie on NPR
Tom's World--Sláinte! Toasts, Blessings, and Sayings

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