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Welcome to the W3E Santa Exchange Homepage

Overview: A carved Santa exchange

Official Name: World Wide Woodcarvers Exchange - Santa Division (W3E-SD)

To Join: You must be currently subscribed to the Woodc@rver Listserve, Knotty Wood Porch, Woodcarving Fun, ASA List, Knotholes List , Fish Carver2 List, the MiWCA List, WoodCarvingFun List or the W3E-WOM List to participate. (Previous participants and members of other carving lists may seek a waiver from the W3E Director.)

Object: To produce and exchange Santa carvings


Santa comes at Christmas time, but many carvers like to carve the old elf year 'round. This exchange will help support that tendency, and allow carvers to exchange Santa carvings with other carvers throughout the world.

Santa with Bells by Mike Bloomquist, (from a Ross Oar pattern)


This is a carve-as-you-go exchange; there is no set schedule. You may participate once a year or once a month.


Anyone who can carve a Santa. Caricature carvers, realistic carvers, relief carvers, prographers, etc. etc. Like all W3E exchanges, enthusiasm for carving is more important than skill level.

Santa from egg turning by Tim Berry

Process Overview:

This exchange is a bit different from the other W3E exchanges. Here you carve a Santa, and once COMPLETE and ready to ship, then register for the exchange. You will be matched with one of several other carvers who is also ready to ship. You will be sent shipping information, with the expectation that you will ship within seven (7) days. You may participate as often as you desire.

Carving Guidelines:

Wander on down to your shop/studio/basement. Carve a Santa! Within the bounds of reasonably good taste, the Santa may be whatever style you wish to carve.

Size is not a particular issue, but the piece should be of a size and complexity that would typically require 2 to 6 hours to complete. The Santas on this page are of a size and complexity that would be expected in this exchange. If you are really into "Little People" sized Santa, consider carving two. Once your Santa is COMPLETE and ready to go into a shipping box, then proceed to the registration stage.

Cowboy Santa by Mike Bloomquist, (from Myron Bowman's book)


Important: DO NOT register until you have a finished carving ready to ship. To register for W3E-Santa Division, go to the Enrollment form page.

Read the form, enter the requested information, and submit the form. Your name will be placed on a list and you will be matched up with one the next several carvers to register; depending upon participation this may take several days to several weeks.

Questions, queries, posers?

Email the W3E coordinator, Matt Kelley, at womeditorATcomcastDOTnet. Please be sure to include "W3E-SD Question" in the Subject field.

Bark Santa by Tim Berry

Go to the W3E - Santa Division Enrollment form




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