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Welcome to the W3E Friendship Cane Round-Robin Homepage

Overview: A Friendship Cane segment Round-robin exchange.

To Join: You must be currently subscribed to the Woodc@rver Listserve, Knotty Wood Porch, Woodcarving Fun, ASA List, Knotholes List , Fish Carver2 List, the MiWCA List, WoodCarvingFun List or the W3E-WOM List to participate. (Previous participants and members of other carving lists may seek a waiver from the W3E Director.)

Object: The focus of the Round-robin is groups of four carving on 1/4 of each segment, with quick turn around and a minimal time commitment.


Groups of four carvers each are established. Each person carves on one corner edge. The segment is then passed on to the other group members in turn, finally returning to the person that started the segment. (You keep the segment you started with.)


Unlike the l6 segment Friendship Cane Exchange, this is NOT a long term commitment. Participants have up to one month to complete a corner and pass the segment on to the next person. (This process should go much quicker.)


Any carver who can carve or burn 2"x2"x3" hunks of wood. Caricature carvers, realistic carvers, bird carvers, animal carvers, chip carvers, pyrographers, relief carvers, etc. etc. Like W3E exchanges, enthusiasm for carving is more important than skill level.

Due to the short time commitment, this program clearly IS for everyone.


To register for W3E-FCRR, go to the Enrollment form page. Read the form, enter the requested information, and submit the form. Sit back and think about what you will carve.

Groups of four are filled on a first-come basis, and may start as soon as folks are notified. Groups will be sent a roster and shipping schedule and may begin as soon as schedules are received.

Carving Guidelines:

Within the bounds of reasonably good taste, whatever style and topic you wish to carve, as long as it's done on 1/4 of a 2" x 2" x 3" long block.

Block Preparation:

Each participant prepares a block by drawing a vertical line at the midpoint of each face. Each than carves something on a corner edge, extending to each adjacent vertical line. (That is, you get the corner plus one inch on each side.) To see this graphically, click here.

A portion of the carving may go plus or minus 1/4" of the vertical line for artistic effect. (For example, hair could extent a bit past the center line, as could a moustache or beard.) If you go over the vertical line in one area, please stay behind it in another, to allow others room for expression.

Examples: Photos Pages One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

See Bill Russell #2 and Loren Woodard #1 on Page One; see Carol Seubert 1 and 2 on Page Four

Questions, queries, posers?

Email the W3E Director, Matt Kelley, at womeditorATcomcastDOTnet. Please be sure to include "W3E-FCRR" in the Subject field.

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