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Overview: A carved Pin exchange

Official Name: World Wide Woodc@rvers Exchange - Pin Division (W3E-Pin)

To Join: You must be currently subscribed to the Woodc@rver Listserve, Knotty Wood Porch, Woodcarving Fun, ASA List, Knotholes List , Fish Carver2 List, the MiWCA List, WoodCarvingFun List or the W3E-WOM List to participate. (Previous participants and members of other carving lists may seek a waiver from the W3E Director.)

Object: To produce and exchange 6 Pins


The object of this exchange is to carve and share a carved hat, tie, or lapel pin with other carvers world wide. Here are some examples:

Almost any subject is possible; animals, birds, chip carvings, and pyrography will also do quite nicely.


To participate in this exchange requires a six month commitment - that's one pin a month for six months. Please be absolutely sure you have the time before becoming involved in this exchange. Exchanges will be in a pair-wise fashion - that is. "my pin is complete; let me know when you are done and we'll mail them at the same time." This is to help ensure that you will receive a pin when you send one.


Any carver who can carve or burn six pins in six months. Caricature carvers, realistic carvers, bird carvers, animal carvers, chip carvers, pyrographers, relief carvers, etc. etc. Like all W3E exchanges, enthusiasm for carving is more important than skill level.


To register for W3E-Pin Division, go to the Enrollment form page. Read the form, enter the requested information, and submit the form. Sit back and think about what you will carve. Try carving a few pieces.

As the groups of 6 fill, members will be send a roster and a schedule of who-to-mail--to-when. Then the work and the fun may begin!!

Carving Guidelines:

Within the bounds of reasonably good taste, whatever style and topic you wish to carve, as long as it's a reasonably sized pin. These pieces are typically 1-3 inches in height, width as required for the piece.

The back should include some means to fasten the pin to a hat or lapel. Fastens are widely available at craft stores.

Questions, queries, posers?

Email the W3E coordinator at womeditorATcomcastDOTnet. Please be sure to include "W3E-Pin Question" in the Subject field.

Go to the W3E - Pin Division Enrollment form

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