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November/December 2015 WOM


Welcome to Woodcarver Online Magazine Volume 19 Issue 6

2015 Inter­na­tion­al Wood­carvers Congress

Group B, Relief Carving

1st in Class 206 — Mythical/Santa Relief 

Father Christ­mas 

Nan­cy L. Olson, Altoona , WI

17 x 13 x 3

Hel­lo, Friends in Carv­ing -

Wel­come to the final issue of WOM for 2015.  This issue will wrap up 19 years of pub­li­ca­tion and we’ll start our 20th year with the January/February 2016 issue.  Twen­ty Years is a big deal, so we are going to be cel­e­brat­ing through­out the year.  Lots of ideas rat­tling around in the ol’ brain pan, but we are always open to sug­gests for way to cel­e­brate this mile­stone.  Feel free to use the con­tact form on the About page, or email me at womed­i­tor AT com­cast DOT net.

It was my intent to pub­lish the IWC 2015 Win­ners gallery in the Octo­ber por­tion of the September/October issue;  how­ev­er, com­put­er soft­ware update issues put my desk­top machine on the side­lines for a week or so.   Direct­ly that was resolved, a seri­ous­ly ill West High­land White Ter­ri­er (that allows us to share “his” domain) occu­pied a lot of our time, ener­gy and resources (read $$).   I’m hap­py to report that the West­ie, name of Jack, is recov­er­ing nice­ly, and we are final­ly back on track with time to work on this pub­li­ca­tion and even carve a bit.

Speak­ing of the IWC Win­ners — there were some extra­or­di­nary carv­ings in the com­pe­ti­tion this year.  I’m glad that I did­n’t have to choose between the three Best of Show carv­ings.  Rick Har­ney’s Spunk is as fine a relief carv­ing as you’ll ever see.  (It was a good year for Rick; he took first, sec­ond and third in the Relief Carv­ing group.)    David Sea­graves’s Artemis is a life-size carv­ing of the Hel­lenic god­dess of the hunt, wild ani­mals and the wilder­ness.  Air O’Smith, by Ter­ry Brash­er, is a car­i­ca­ture carv­ing that can’t help but make you smile.  Make sure you check out these and all the oth­er win­ners in the IWC ’15 Gal­leries.  Don’t for­get that all of the small images are click­able links that will take you to a much larg­er view of the carv­ing, with far more detail than any print magazine.

In this issue:

  • Pho­to Gallery - Inter­na­tion­al Wood­carv­er Con­gress 2015 Win­ners
  • Ol’ Don’s Draw­ing Table: Red or White
  • Pete LeClair: Carv­ing On The Corner
  • Last Call For Pho­tos — San­ta Gallery 2015
  • An Update — Susan Alexan­der’s Let’s Talk Carving
  • Events, Hap­pen­ings and Goings-On Updat­ed

Com­ing up around the First of December:

  • The San­ta Gallery
  • Book ReviewCon­cepts To Car­i­ca­tures — Cel­e­brat­ing 25 Years of Car­i­ca­ture Carving
  • Notes From The Net

As always, we wel­come your feed­back, ideas for arti­cles, etc.  Please use the con­tact form on the About page in the menu bar above.



Pho­to by Marc Feath­er­ly at IWC ’14

Matt Kel­ley


International Woodcarvers Congress 2015 Winner Galleries

Rick Harney's Best of Show winner at the 2015 International Woodcarvers Congress.

Rick Har­ney’s Best of Show win­ner at the 2015 Inter­na­tion­al Wood­carvers Congress.

Assem­bling the pho­to gallery for the Inter­na­tion­al Wood­carv­er Con­gress Win­ners has always been the great­est amount of work of any sin­gle arti­cle in WOM, but I know I’ll be work­ing with great pho­tos of great carv­ings.  The 2015 IWC Gallery was no excep­tion, start­ing with Rick Har­ney’s Best of Show win­ner.   This edi­tion has some 296 pho­tos (twice that num­ber if you count the thumb­nails) includ­ing some of the best carv­ings you will see any­where.  In the win­ner gal­leries you’ll find 162 of pho­tog­ra­ph­er Marc Feath­er­ly’s excel­lent stu­dio pho­tos of the win­ners at IWC 2015, includ­ing more pho­tos of the Best of Show winner.

In addi­tion to the gallery of the prize-win­ning carv­ings, you’ll also find Mar­c’s can­did pho­tos from the Class­es, Award Ban­quet, the Judges, the Show floor, and oth­er pho­tos around and about dur­ing Congress.

As always, the pho­tos in the win­ner’s gallery are click­able, and will take you to much larg­er ver­sions of these great carv­ings.  (Much larg­er then you’ll see in any paper pub­li­ca­tion.)  The large pho­tos will afford you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to real­ly look at the win­ners in detail.

To vis­it the gal­leries, in the menu bar above click on WOM, then on The Gal­leries menu item, or click HERE.   Enjoy!

From “Ol’ Don’s” Drawing Table

OlDonFrom “Ol’ Don” Drawing Table

Ol’ Don” Burgdorf presents Red or White?


To print the pat­tern, click here; the pat­tern will open in a new win­dow, and should print on 8.5 x 11 paper. For Print­ing Hints, click here.

Ol’ Don” Burgdorf is a carv­er and artist from Hohen­wald, TN. Don’s fea­ture “Doo­dles ‘n Notes for Carvin’ Folks” appears reg­u­lar­ly in Chip Chats, and his pat­terns are now found in each issue of WOM and in past issues of Carv­ing Mag­a­zine. Some of Don’s “Chat­ter­ing Chip­pers” pat­terns can also be seen at the Wood­carver’s Porch pat­tern page.

Copy­right 2011–2015 “Ol’ Don” Burgdorf. This Pat­tern may be copied for indi­vid­ual use; repro­duc­tion for resale is pro­hib­it­ed with­out express writ­ten permission.

From Pete LeClair — Carving On The Corner

Pete LeClair

Pete LeClair’s Projects

Pete LeClair’s Carving On The Corner


Pete LeClair is a well-known carv­er and teacher, author of three carv­ing books and a mem­ber of the Car­i­ca­ture Carvers of Amer­i­ca. You may learn more about Pete at his page on the CCA web site. Be sure to tour the rest of the CCA pages when you have a moment. In addi­tion, you may email Pete at pet­ele­clair AT Pho­tos copy­right 2001 — 2015 by Pete LeClair.

This pat­tern may be copied for indi­vid­ual use only; repro­duc­tion for resale is pro­hib­it­ed with­out express writ­ten permission.

Susan Alexander’s “Let’s Talk Carving” Update

Susan bio shot    Susan Alexander and Let’s Talk Carving Are On Hiatus!






Hel­lo every­one!  Susan Alexan­der is tak­ing a few months away from writ­ing Let’s Talk Carv­ing.  We expect her and Let’s Talk Carv­ing to return in the new year.  We’ll let you know as soon as a return date is con­firmed.  Until then, you may con­tin­ue to sub­mit ques­tions and com­ments using the form below (but please don’t expect an answer right away).



Call for Photos: Santa Gallery ’15


San­ta Carv­ing sign by Tim Berry


UPDATE —  the due date to sub­mit pho­tos of your Santa/seasonal carv­ings has been extend­ed to the end of Novem­ber.   Please sub­mit as soon as possible.

The Annu­al San­ta Gallery will once again grace the pages of November/December issue of WOM. You are invit­ed to sub­mit pho­tos of favorite San­tas or oth­er sea­son­al item you’ve carved in the last 12 to 18 months.

Sub­mis­sions should be sent to womed­i­torATcom­castDOTnet; alter­nate­ly, you may send a link to a gallery such as Flickr that stores files at their orig­i­nal size.

Please include the fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion with your high qual­i­ty photos:

Title of Carving

Size (approx)



About the design:

  • From your own design?
  • Carved in a class led by …
  • Inspired by a design by …
  • From a rough out by …
  • From a pat­tern by …
  • Etc …

 Sub­mis­sions due no lat­er than Novem­ber 30


Ques­tions, queries, posers? Send email to womed­i­torATcom­castDOTnet